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The Facts about Depression                

Depression is a mental illness that is global in scope.  It is a mental disorder that cuts across race, age, nationality or even material or financial status in life.  Everybody anywhere can be afflicted with this disabling mental disorder.

Depression can just be an ordinary feeling of dejection from being rejected by a person you love or by a feeling of disgust over something that you have been expecting to happen but did not, or can simply be a matter of having failed to succeed in something you aspired for.  It is natural for us to be depressed for these things; but it would be an entirely different matter if we continue to feel depressed even after a long period of time.  Being depressed continuously for a long period of time is a mental illness that needs to be treated.

Statistical Percentage

The statistics on depression is something to be worried about.  In the US alone, it was found out that more than nine percent of US citizens 18 years and above is afflicted with various forms of depression.  These forms of depression that have been recorded includes minor forms of depression that are passing or temporary to longer duration depression that needs to have medical help, It was also noted in the study that a large segment of the population can be affected by the mental state of those who are suffering from depression particularly their families, friends co-employees and even business associates. 

The statistics showed that for developed countries, nearly 15 percent of their total population are affected by depression.  From these percentage, a large number showed as not being treated with the proper cure for depression while a certain percentage are those who suffer from depression but do not want to submit themselves for treatment because they do not want them to be known to suffer from the disease.  The study also noted that poor student performance and their propensity for being absent from attending school is mainly due to depression. 


It has been noted by experts that almost half of depressed patients who have taken chemical based medications for their illness have been cured.  However, these chemical based medications have been known to have the tendency to cause violent behavior, uncontrolled bleeding, and even suicidal attitude. The food and Drug Administration have now banned the use of these antidepressants for children use in cognizance of the bad side effects these medications,   another form of treatment that is used for patients suffering from depression is through several types of therapy.  Although these forms of treatment can cure depression, there is always the possibility that in the future, if the patient is not careful enough, the disease can come back.

Other Options

The most important thing that medical scientist are now doing to prevent depression is trying to correctly determine its causes.  Once they will know what causes depression, then that maybe is the time when we can assure ourselves to take the needed precaution to prevent us from having this kind of mental sickness.  Another good thing that can be made if ever they can pinpoint the exact cause of depression is for the development of the most effective medication that is free of any side effects.


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