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Alternative Treatment for Clinical Depression 

Depression is a state of mind that precludes our ability to function normally as productive citizens.  It is a kind of sickness that would greatly affect not only our very own normal behavior but would likewise negatively impact those of our loved ones.  Experts are now one in saying that with the present trend, it is possible to project depression as next to cancer in preventing people from leading a normal way of life by the year 2020.  Anxiety is one early signs of depression coupled with nervousness.  At the onset of these signs medical consultation is necessary to address and prevent depression at its early stage.

There are several ways of treating chronic clinical depression.  These treatments can vary from the very basic herbal supplements for milder form of depression and other forms of treatment such as psychotherapy and other kinds of anti-depressant medication formulations.  For patients suffering from advance stage of depression, treatments can be a combination of psychotherapy and mdication and sometimes if needed, shock treatment can be applied to lessen the emotional state of the patient. Usually, this form of treatment known as Electroconvulsive Therapy is applied to patients under severe mental state of rage.

Other forms of Treatment

For milder cases of depression, herbal supplements are used for treatment.  These kinds of supplements are made from herbs that are known to affect the mental state of a person.  In most cases, these herbal supplements are used as calming medication to patients under the strain of nervous breakdowns.  The affectivity of these herbal medications has been noted to work on patients suffering from anxiety disorder and other signs of mild depression.  Herbal medications are considered safe because of its all natural formulation that does not cause side effects to the patient.  The formulation of these herbal medications are said to have come from extracts of herbal plants that are said to cause calmness in a nervous person.

Another natural and ancient way of curing depression is through Acupuncture.  This ancient Chinese form of medicine uses needles that are buried deep beneath the skin surface.  It is said that this procedure when done properly with the needles accurately placed on the correct parts of the body can assist in the lessening of a patient’s depression.  However, it is a must that the one who will perform the acupuncture should be a certified medical acupuncture specialist.

Reflexology can also help in alleviating anxiety and nervousness.  Reflexology is a method by which certain points in our hands and feet are subjected to pressure that would affect important organs of the body like our brain.  Thus, by correctly applying the right pressure, positive impulses can be sent to the brain to lessen the mild depression of a patient.   

Body massage that can provide over-all body relaxation can also help in making the patient feel relaxed and at ease, thereby helping eliminate mild depression.  A good type of body massage that can be effective to calm and relax a person suffering from a mild bout of depression is known as the Chiropractic massage.  However, any type or style of body massage so long as it can make the muscles of the body and the mental state of the patient feel relaxed is an acceptable way of curing mild depression.    


Many of mild or even moderate cases of depression are now subjected to alternative treatments.  These kinds of treatments have been effective in minimizing the depression of patients and more importantly, the cost involve in having these kinds of alternative treatments are low.

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